Our Story

Me and my wife bought our first house about 8 years ago and we absolutely fell in love with the place. It was the dream house that we both wanted to have to raise a family in. But what I liked most about it was the kitchen tiles. But after a few years I started to notice that the once eye catching tiles were now starting to catch my eye in a bad way. The tile grout had begun to darken and collect mildew. Nothing me and my wife tried worked until we asked our house cleaning service about it and they said that tile cleaning was one of the many services that they offered. Surely enough,  we fell in love with the heavenly scent professionals and came back thanks to the tile cleaning services provided by our maids.

Recent studies have shown that out of the average person’s lifespan, around 15 years are spent doing house chores. That’s 15 years that could have been spent as free time, family time, or even starting a new business! Just imagine all the new things you will have time for. But maybe you don’t need to hire a maid for 15 years, and if that’s the case, lets talk monthly numbers here. Using myself as an example, it takes me an average of 15 minutes to wash the dishes for a family of 5 every day, 40 minutes of folding laundry, 10 minutes to dust off counter tops and furniture, and 45 minutes to sweep and mop around the entire house. That ‘s almost two extra hours spent cleaning that you can get out of a day.

Have you ever had a rough day at work? I know I have. And there’s nothing worse than coming back to a house that needs cleaning after a long day at work when you just wanna lay down and relax. Getting a good 8 hours of sleep every night is important to keep yourself healthy, alert and always at a 100% for whatever needs to be done the next day. But instead of getting that well deserved and earned rest, you spend the majority of your time back home cleaning. Enjoy more of your free time by taking the first step and talking with your local cleaning company today.