The demand of TABLETS

Ask Thorsten Heins, if there is any future for TABLETS, and he would be quick with the reply – NO.

(BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device did not do well, in the market.)

The CEO of Research In Motion Ltd feels popularity of tablets will diminish in the future compared to other high-end devices. What do readers think about it – are tablets a good business model?

Does this mean RIM looks forward to offering larger devices, on BlackBerry 10 platform? Well, let us wait for that.

The CEO Mr. Heins aims for a bigger market share in coming future and foresees his company as the ‘leader’ in the mobile computing world. Best of luck!

Well, the role of any CEO is not easy. Ask anyone – Lawrence Page, Chris Niarchos, Marissa Ann Mayer, Steven Ballmer, Michael Dell or other, one need to think beyond the box and make smart decisions for the company.

Music for every moment, with Twitter

What Twitter #Music app is more about and pat comes the reply from an avid music lover (a marketing executive, by profession with ANB Promotions) – “Engagement”. Continue reading

Google prepares Next-Gen Computer Scientists

Google to provide about 15,000 free Raspberry Pi microcomputers to school kids in the United Kingdom.

“Similar to any desktop computer, this credit-card sized computer makes everything possible, whether word processing, spreadsheets, or high definition video games,” says a business analyst from Web Technologies Inc. Continue reading

Google Zeitgeist 2012

Wonder, what the world searched for this year? Google popular search trends (a few, so far)…

Popular searches

  • Whitney Houston
  • Gangnam Style
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • iPad 3
  • Diablo 3
  • Kate Middleton
  • Olympics 2012
  • Amanda Todd
  • Michael Clarke Duncan
  • BBB12

Popular Events

  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Kate Middleton Pictures Released
  • Olympics 2012
  • SOPA Debate
  • Costa Concordia crash
  • Presidential Debate
  • Stratosphere Jump
  • Penn State Scandal
  • Trayvon Martin shooting
  • Pussy Riots

Popular People

  • Whitney Houston
  • Kate Middleton
  • Amanda Todd
  • Michael Clarke Duncan
  • One Direction
  • Felix Baumgartner
  • Jeremy Lin
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Joseph Kony
  • Donna Summer

Okay, folks – catch you all later. It’s time for me to create an agenda, for today’s meeting with Web Listings Inc!

Microsoft joins the social media bandwagon

In an era of social networking websites, why should Microsoft Corporation lag behind?

‘Socl’ from Microsoft is not new to its employees and college students. But, from this Wednesday, ‘Socl’ with a minimal set of attributes is available to all Internet users, with Microsoft and Facebook accounts.

Microsoft Socl does not have any similarity with Facebook, but Pinterest. So, people who thought Microsoft had plans to pitch its social network against Facebook should change their minds.

With a lot of social networking sites around, let us see – if Microsoft’s Socl finds a niche, anywhere…

Have corporate firms picked upon this? Let’s check out new developments at Facebook pages of marketing companies in the far-east like Redwoods Advance, for example.

Courses in Statistics for a marketing career.

As a student one needs to make the right choices in academic courses, and this can be best planned with the career you have in mind combined with a certain level of aptitude towards the decided career. On this site we always talk about marketing and the industry’s love for newcomers, freshers, part-time jobs and more, however for a long-term career in marketing certain courses are sure to come handy.

You maybe thinking, “well I’ve the gift of the gab” or “I’m social media fiend” and that you do not require any particular academic skills for a marketing career. To a certain extent these qualities are more than enough, however, when you get to actually forecasting trends, analyzing results and more, all the conversational skills will end up flat. Analysing results is a pre-requisite for any marketer and companies like Oracle Advertising vouch by this in Europe. Continue reading

Plan your Scotland holiday and Hogmanay!

Planning for a holiday in Scotland? If yes, then here are a few pointers about the place around the holidays…

  • ‘Hogmanay’ is theCeltic term for New Year’s eve
  • Edinburgh Hogmanay is the biggest New Year party in the world!
  • The street party in Edinburgh is a must-do!
  • It is four-day festivity with all kinds of performances
  • This year look forward to a candle-lit concert at St Gile’s Cathedral
  • Concert in the gardens in the Edinburgh castle backdrop is always sold-out quickly, so plan well ahead.

Other things you can do include heading out to the Scottish Highlands. Scotland has numerous places for skiing and outdoor fun. For accommodation, the choice of self catering cottages Scotland has on offer is simply spectacular! From baby friendly to pet friendly, to cottages on lochs to those near skiing centres, log cabin cottages, romantic cottages and much more!

Sony waiting for Kareena’s call!

Sony India is still unclear on whether recently married actress Kareena Kapoor would continue to be the brand ambassador for “Sony Vaio” and will be part of its next advertising campaign.

It is reported that Sony is all set to start its new ad campaign – marketing for Vaio range of laptops and how to link Kareena for the advertisment of this new range of laptops. Kareena has been the face for Sony’s Vaio series of laptop and speculations are on whether she would continue to be the face for Vaios upcoming projects.

Meanwhile, Sony India wants the Kareena factor to be their with their Vaio laptops which is getting huge sales with the Kareena brand power.

The star couple Kareena and Saif would be planning for their honeymoon, will that be in India – Kerala, or would that be in any foreign locations, but for Sony, the main concern would the nod from Kareena to continue as brand ambassador for Sony India.

Sales and Marketing Profession – What One Needs to Know…

A Sales and Marketing profession is one of the best choices a student can make after completing college studies! Here,  are a few tips about Sales and Marketing jobs…

A Sales and Marketing team plays a crucial role in keeping any business in the world to go well. Charged with driving rapid revenue growth, increasing brand equity, and being the vendor of choice for customers everywhere, these teams must deliver quantifiable results in everything from product roll-outs to Internet marketing. Many people found fame with a career in Sale and Marketing. Chris Niarchos is one such example for people who rose to fame at a very young age. Continue reading

Stats and Analysis jobs!

Continuing on other student job options but remaining firmly moored to marketing…

Do you have a head for math or are you the kind that gets excited about baseball hits stats? Chances are you could give a shot at using your talents for some good market analysis. The sector is all about trends and it is a very dynamic industry; mercurial with world news making having an impact like the news ticker in sectors worldwide.

Making a job about all these trends is they collect data, study it and analyze trends and always on the look-out for student helpers. Perfect place to pick up a few number crunching tricks while you’r on a break.

Do write in on great job opportunities for students and share the light. Let the force be with you! ;)