NEMT Guide

Of course, if someone has a medical emergency, the hospital will provide transport from the person’s home (or wherever they are) to the hospital. Furthermore, the ride in the ambulance is generally covered by the person’s health insurance. If a person needs non-emergency medical transportation, this is a whole different situation. The cost of transport is not necessarily covered by insurance.

Medical transport options for you are going to help you manage an office or other service that is in need of ambulances, helicopters or simple shuttles. These medical transport options are perfect for you because you get to decide which ones you need, and you can call for them whenever you want. This is the best way to get what you need for the office, and you will not have to worry about how these problems are going to be solved in an emergency. You are going to have your pick of the services you need when you make one call.

Non-emergency medical air transport

There are a variety of situations where one could need medical transportation on a non-emergency basis. These situations often arise because someone with severe medical issues is likely to be unable to drive. This can leave those with serious medical needs essentially stranded in their homes. This can even keep a person from getting essential medical care, if they cannot get to the doctor’s office or pharmacy.

A variety of private medical transport services are available. There are many companies that specialize in medical transportation. These companies will take people to and from medical facilities, pharmacies, or doctor’s offices.

However, if someone is medically incapacitated, the person will need transportation to places other than medical facilities too. They will need to grocery shop, go out on social excursions, or go to other important functions. If someone is unable to drive due to medical problems, they still may be capable of doing other everyday tasks. Many medical transport services may not take people to non-medical settings. However, some do.

Also, there are medical transport services that are designed for long distance medical transportation. Air Ambulance Network is a leader in long distance medical transport, they offer luxurious shuttle busses that are like hospitals on wheels. This can even be accomplished using air travel. Some companies will take an incapacitated person for very long distances by using a plane or helicopter. Of course, these services can be quite expensive.

Helicopter medical transporThere are many companies that specialize in this. Some of these companies are actually ambulance companies, that use certain vehicles for non-emergency transport. Also, there are companies that have vans that are specially designed for non-emergency transport. In the case of some long distance medical transport companies, aeronautical vehicles are used primarily.

One popular form of private medical transport is the “cabulance”. Cabulances take people to and from medical facilities, or from their home to and from a medical facility. A “cabulance” is a van that is equipped with wheelchair ramps and other important features for people with medical problems. Different companies use this name. Some of these companies even run 24/7. Since these companies are independent entities, the costs of this service can vary. Often times, they can take someone to any doctor’s office, hospital, pharmacy, or medical establishment in the region. Some will even take a person anywhere they want to go.