Long Distance Medical Transportation

It is actually possible to get non-emergency medical transport services for long distance travel. In fact, it is possible to transport someone literally to the other side of the world with medical assistance. There are different ways that this can be accomplished.

minivan medical transport

The transportation can be done by ground, in the form of an equipped van, or it can even be done using air transportation. Many of these types of medical transports are actually quite comfortable to ride in. Some of them even include entertainment of various kinds, such as TVs. Unfortunately though, costs of these types of services can be quite high.

These types of transportation vehicles have trained professionals on staff and can provide care to a person while they are traveling long distances. Often times, large vans are used. On route, a person can get quite a high level of care despite being on the road. Sometimes, there is even on-route entertainment, such as televisions located in the van itself.

aircraft medical

If a person needs to be transported a very large distance, such as overseas, air transportation is available. On board the airplanes and helicopters, there are trained staff who are ready to take care of various medical needs. Unfortunately, this service tends to be quite expensive.

Many of these companies can be found with a simple google search of “long distance medical transportation”. A lot of these companies offer contact information right on the internet. Not only that, but many of these companies have a link right on the webpage where you can get a quote.

One such company is called Air Ambulance Network. This company has a webpage that comes up first in a bing search of “air medical transport“. They offer both vans and air transportation. This company provides medically supported travel all over the world. If travel is going to be for a very long distance, they even have private jets to transport a person. Additionally, on route entertainment is provided. They have contact information right on the first page of the website.


There are many other medical transport companies that offer long distance services. However, many of them only take people to and from areas within the United States. Many also do not offer air transportation. However, using a simple google search, you will find that there are many long distance medical transport companies. There are many that can transport a person a very long distance, fairly comfortably.

An example of another long distance medical transport service is Eastern Royal. This medical transportation company has a webpage right on the first page of google. They will take people to a great variety of long distance locations. Strictly vans are used. This makes it much more affordable than many other long distance medical transportation services.

Another company that offers long distance medical transportation is Ameritrans. This company offers medically supported transportation to a variety of locations in the United States. The vans are designed to be comfortable for the patient. The risk of motion sickness is mitigated because the patient is always facing forward. One important thing to note about this service is that they have a 350 mile minimum for transportation. However, they do offer free quotes.