Cabulance Services & Private Ambulances

Since there are many people who are incapacitated due to health problems, the concept of the “cabulance” has spread very widely. These services are available in areas all over the country. These are not the same as a private ambulance. Instead of using an actual ambulance, vans with wheelchair ramps are used to transport people.

The companies that run this service are independent. In fact, there are independent services of this nature in nearly every large city in America. The services are not always referred to as “cabulance” as the different companies have different names, such as “ambulette service” or “wheelchair service”.

One thing that is very important to know about “cabulance” services is that they are not equipped for life support or a serious medical emergency. These services are merely designed to provide someone with non-emergency medical care. They are generally equipped with wheelchair ramps, but there is not any advanced medical gear in these vans. They are not as equipped as a private ambulance, which can have all the bells and whistles of a regular ambulance.

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Another thing to keep in mind with regard to a “cabulance” is that they do not generally do long-distance transport. Generally speaking, these services will provide rides to any location within a city, county, or metropolitan area. Sometimes, these services will transport someone anywhere within a state. If you are looking for long-distance transportation, there are other services available.

The costs of a “cabulance” service can vary. Luckily, non-emergency medical transportation is far less than an emergency ambulance service, which can cost as much as a couple thousand dollars for a ride to the hospital! Sometimes, these services can be available for as little as 20-30 dollars! Relative to the cost of other types of medical services, this is actually quite cheap. By comparison, many insurance companies charge about this amount for a copay on a medication.

Additionally, the “cabulance” will sometimes provide transport to non-medical facilities as well. Some services will take a person anywhere they want to go! This can give the person an opportunity to get out and do things, and it reduces the issue of an incapacitated person becoming a shut in.

Private ambulances can be quite different than a “cabulance”. A private ambulance sometimes has the full capacity of any other long distance ambulance. However, they do not simply drive a person to the nearest hospital. Instead, they will drive the person to a hospital of their choosing, or transfer them from one medical facility to another. These services are best utilized for various types of non-emergency situations.

These services can be quite expensive, so they are best saved for situations where they are absolutely necessary. The costs of these services are often not covered by insurance companies either. This means that the patient will generally end up footing the bill.

Also, these services are best not to be used for emergency transportation. They do not always have paramedics, and they are often only capable of providing basic life support. Sometimes they can be as equipped as public ambulances, but this is not always the case. In a serious medical emergency, it is always best to call 911 for help.